ACS Social Work Intervention
(JWW.0K - 41,33)

Duration of program : 1200 hours
Formation mostly online with few work sessions in Chibougamau

The social work technician can act in a preventive capacity or participate in the resolution of problematic situations by offering support to the people involved. More specifically, her role consists of welcoming individuals or groups in difficulty, participating in the evaluation of their condition and needs and carrying out appropriate interventions. The social work technician may also be called upon to contribute to the creation and animation of self-help groups and to develop prevention or awareness projects in response to various social problems.

List of skills

  • Analyze the work function;
  • Establish a helping relationship;
  • Analyze relationship between social problems, social policies and social interventions;
  • Analyze needs and resources of a person or a family;
  • Evaluate the ethical dimensions of social intervention;
  • Conduct an interview;
  • Conduct group social interventions;
  • Defend individual and collective rights;
  • Carry out psychosocial interventions with individuals or families;
  • Interact within a work team;
  • Master the steps of the social intervention process in a socio-legal context;
  • Intervene with individuals with mental health and substance abuse disorders;
  • Intervene with people in crisis situations;
  • Protect one's personal integrity;
  • Facilitate client groups and work teams;
  • Assist a person in need of care;
  • Search for public and community social service resources;
  • Communicate with clients and within a work team;
  • Produce and linguistically process texts related to the profession;
  • Develop a work methodology;
  • Carry out interventions with people experiencing social exclusion and violence problems;
  • Knowledge of adaptation interventions with people with intellectual, physical and neurological disabilities;
  • Integrate a community organization.


The candidate most hold a high school diploma (DES) or equivalent or have experience considered relevant;

And the candidate meets one of the following conditions:

  • The candidate have been interrupted studies for at least two consecutive terms or one school year
  • the candidate is covered by an agreement concluded between the college and an employer or by a government program;
  • the person has pursued, for a period of at least one year, post-secondary education or has a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS/DEP).

Additional information

If you are interested in taking the training, please join our waiting list. 

Waiting list

For more information or for any questions, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Eve Boucher or by phone 418 748-3903 ext. 7240.