AEC Intervention en travail social

Formation à temps plein, de jour, complètement en ligne - début janvier 2024
Guide en tourisme d'aventure et écotourisme

Automne 2024
AEC Techniques d'éducation à l'enfance

AEC Gestion des produits fins
Spécialisation : Cueilleur professionnel de Champignons sauvages et autres PFNL
Début hiver 2024
AEC Instrumentation, automatisation et robotique

Saint-Félicien 6e cohorte - automne 2023

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This program aims to train people so they are qualified to perform tasks directly related to geological prospecting operations: have knowledge of regulations, contribute to the characterization of a potential site, sample and analyze mineral extractions in accordance with safety standards in a rustic setting. 
The social work technician can act in a preventive capacity or participate in the resolution of problematic situations by offering support to the people involved. More specifically, her role consists of welcoming individuals or groups in difficulty, participating in the evaluation of their condition and needs and carrying out appropriate interventions. If you are interested and you want to know more, visit the full page: