ACS Mineral Resources Geology
(ETC.0C - 40.33 college units)

Duration of program : 1 290 h

This program aims to train people so they are qualified to perform tasks directly related to geological prospecting operations: have knowledge of regulations, contribute to the characterization of a potential site, sample and analyze mineral extractions in accordance with safety standards in a rustic setting.

Courses list:

The Life Cycle of a Mineral Deposit 45 h
Best Practices Guidelines for Mineral Exploration and Mining activities 75 h
Computer-Based Information Tools 60 h
Reading and Understanding Topographic Maps 45 h
Mineralogy and Petrography 45 h
Computer-aided Drafting (CAD) 75 h
Occupational Health and Safety in the Mining Industry 45 h
Topographic  Surveying I 45 h
Wilderness Survival Techniques 45 h
Topographic Surveying II 60 h
Mineral Exploration 45 h
Geographic Information Systems  (GIS) 60 h
Introduction to Geological Maps 45 h
Basic Geological Mapping and Reconnaissance Surveying 60 h
Geochemistry applied to Mineral Exploration 60 h
Overview of Geophysical Surveying Techniques 75 h
Mineral Exploration drilling 60 h
Mineral Deposits 60 h
Estimation of Mineral Resources 60 h
Mining and Geology Software 45 h
End-of-Study Project in Geology 60 h
On-the-Job Training 120 h

List of skills

  • Analyze the occupation;
  • Act in compliance with the domain’s legal and ethical parameters;
  • Use computer and digital technologies in the context of professional activities;
  • Take measurements on maps and plans;
  • Work in isolated and rustic conditions in the North;
  • Analyze the mineralogical and structural properties of a rock;
  • Perform topometric surveys;
  • Draw plans;
  • Apply health and safety measures;
  • Contribute to preparing an exploration program;
  • Make geological and geochemical extractions;
  • Prepare geophysical extractions and ensure follow-up;
  • Prepare drilling characterization and ensure follow-up;
  • Contribute to evaluating the potential of a mineral deposit;
  • Integrate into the workplace.


  • Have a high school diploma (DES) or equivalent;


  • Possess relevant experience;


  • Be well adapted to outdoors’ work.

Duration of training

  • Duration of program : 1290 h (4 semesters)

Actual Start  (proposal)

  • Starting date : when we reach the minimum eligible candidates 

Training location

  • Most of the classroom training will be provided in Chibougamau, within the Business and community Service’s facilities. However, if the occasion arise, part of the training could be provide either in mining facilities or within communities
  • Lab facilities, core shack, map library and other specialized facilities will be provided by regional mining partners (Soquem, TJCM, Cree Mineral Exploration Board)
  • Training internships within regional mining ventures

To apply for admission, the person must send these scanned documents (a good quality photo could be accepted) by email to :

  • Completed and signed admission form
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (both parents' names must appear)
  • Copy of the last transcript and/or diploma obtained (high school or college)
  • Curriculum vitae

Admission form

Additional information

This program aims to train Technician in geology.

Program’s graduates will be qualified to perform tasks in the various stages of the mining cycle (exploration/prospection, discovery/development, extraction/production and site closing/restauration).

Program’s graduates will be directly involved in geological prospecting operations: have knowledge of regulations, contribute to the characterization of a potential site, sample and analyze mineral extractions in accordance with safety standards in a rustic setting.

Technician in geology will also be involved in planning of field work, data collection, plan drawing and data analysis regarding the research of mineral resources and their development.

They will work in worksite such as underground mines, open pits, quarries or remote location. Futures employers would be mining exploration ventures, services providers, engineering firms, local or regional governments and ministries.

Once graduate, technicians will choose between two main employment streams;

  • In the field of mining exploration
  • Within operating mines

Technician in geology will work under the supervision of a geologist, geological engineers, geophysicists, geochemists or project managers. They work in collaboration with managers in charge of field’s prospection, surveys (geologic, geochemic and geophysics) or drilling. They also collaborate with miners and heavy-equipment operators.

« Mineral Resources Geology » is an exclusive training program only available at the Centre d’études collégiales à Chibougamau.

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